In an effort to control costs and keep fees down, last year we moved to an electronic check-in system at the front desk. You will be able to check-in for yourself and your family using a QR code on your smartphone. You may also request a physical card at the front desk if desired, but you must set up your profile online.

All members and guests will be required to check-in electronically at the front desk or tennis hut upon arrival to the club. Members will also be able to book clinics and socials through their smartphones. Members that pay the optional Tennis Fee will be able to book tennis courts online, up to 7 days in advance.


Click “Log In” on the top right corner of our website ( and sign up for yourself and your family. After you sign up for yourself, the program will ask if you are signing up any "dependents". A dependent is a spouse, child, or caregiver, so for example, if you have a spouse and two kids, you will sign up for yourself and 3 dependents.

There is one field that asks "Guest of?". For members, just put in "St. Albans".

Once you have set up your login and accounts, you can see your QR code by viewing the “Scan In” tab under “Your Stuff” in the top right corner. (You will only see your QR code when logging in from your smartphone.) It makes sense to bookmark this website on your home screen on your smartphone, and also save the QR code in your phone Wallet. There will be staff and volunteers to help out the first few days the club is open.

We all realize this will be a learning process, and there will be a few bumps, so please be patient. But this transition will help with efficiency and cost savings for all of us.

For any questions, email


I don’t see my QR code when I log in? How will I check in to the club?

The QR code is only visible when logging in from a smartphone. If logging in from a computer, you cannot see your QR code. If you prefer not to use your smartphone to check in, physical cards will be available at the front desk.

How do I add my spouse/kids to my account?

After logging in, click "Your Stuff" > "+Manage Another Person" and add all of their contact info.

I cannot book a tennis court, why?

If you have paid the optional Tennis Fee, we will/should have authorized your account, and you should be able to book courts. If you have not paid the Off-Season Premium Tennis Fee, you may not book courts in advance, but you may sign up for clinics.


How do I access my QR code on my phone, and save for daily use in my Apple Wallet?

Step 1 - Click “Your Stuff”


Step 2 - Click “Scan In”

Image-1 (1).jpg

Step 3 - Click “Add to Passbook”

Image-1 (2).jpg

Step 4 - Click “Add”. Your QR code will now be in your Apple Wallet

Image-1 (3).jpg

How do I save the Pike13 link to my Home Screen for easy access?


Step 1 - Click on red circle below

Image-1 (4).jpg

Step 2 - Click “Add to Home Screen”

Image-1 (5).jpg